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What Is Marriage?

Does anyone know what marriage is? Does anyone know what marriage SHOULD be? How would you describe marriage? Correct me if I’m wrong: Marriage is so much more than guy meets girl…finding out he/she is the one…proposal…excitement planning for the BIG day and living together until death do you part. I define marriage as a … More What Is Marriage?

Who Knows (What The Future Will Bring)

  Yes…no…maybe so…(CAUTION!) Mixed signals do they even exist or are they indiscreet (yet loud and clear)? Once upon a time, I would find myself trying to decipher what someone said. (Commonly, this wasn’t me.) After hearing some people say time and time again (that’s why I advise, “be mindful of advice given”), “You’re stubborn”, … More Who Knows (What The Future Will Bring)

Enjoy Being Pursued

It all begins with you. Be yourself. Stop trying to be someone else. Far too often women try to adapt to playing a role that isn’t themselves at all. It’s okay to adopt some beauty and fashion tips from others. But so what if you’re a “Plain Jane”, spice yourself up to your liking. Not … More Enjoy Being Pursued

Love Is…

Love is wonderful, that’s what it is. Love won’t subtract from you. It won’t confuse you. Because it’s nothing negative. Love is compassion. Anything less is not love. Love won’t drive you into a pit of darkness. Love is not suffocating. Love is not controlling. Love isn’t one-sided. So how would you know if someone … More Love Is…

Dating Me

Maybe you’re single…Maybe you’re miserable being single…Maybe you’re in a relationship…Maybe you’re miserable in your relationship…Which ever applies to you, never lose your identity no matter your status. Which leads me to say this: DATE YOURSELF! You think that sounds crazy? It’s not. Everything you are waiting for someone else to do for you–Do it … More Dating Me