The Image Of Love

*NOTE: Please refer to the disclaimer of this blog before proceeding.   My significant other is verbally abusive… But he says he loves me. He often points out my flaws; resulting to me feeling as not enough… But he says he loves me. He barks off orders to me as if I’m some servant or … More The Image Of Love

Mother Before A Wife

*NOTE: Please refer to the disclaimer of this blog before proceeding. Q: Why men mother you before wifing you? Simple–Because women allow it. We’re living in times where everything is pretty much acceptable. These times are perceived as exploration freedom. Sex is acceptable before or on the first date. Women are accepting situationships over relationships. … More Mother Before A Wife

Not One To Wait

*NOTE: Please refer to the disclaimer of this blog before proceeding. Q: It’s been 2 weeks and he hasn’t asked me out. So, I hit delete and blocked him. Was I wrong? Should I have waited a bit longer? Two weeks allotted him enough time to get the ball rolling. He hadn’t even mentioned taking … More Not One To Wait

Deep Morning Convos

First, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! When people show you who they are–BELIEVE IT! ACKNOWLEDGE IT! Fore if you don’t, you’re only setting yourself up to endlessly chase after people. You’re setting yourself up to fall short cause you’re seeking their validation. You’re setting yourself up because you’re wasting so much time on certain people. You’re setting … More Deep Morning Convos

2019 Book Favs

I couldn’t allow 2019 to exit without posting a proper goodbye. First, I would like to send some praise to our all mighty God for allowing me and mine to be blessed see this year from its first to its last. And I hope he blesses each of us to see 2020 in and through … More 2019 Book Favs

Faith Over Fear

Deep Morning Convos E 5 Lately those dark clouds have made their way to pay me a visit. They were very thick and gray. Usually, I’m very optimistic. I found myself just weighed down by this. I tried to keep my thoughts occupied by keeping busy. Yet, at night when I laid down for rest–It … More Faith Over Fear

Sunnyside Up

Deep Morning Convos E3© Have you ever noticed the more information you research and store on your computer, it begins to lag? Our minds are the same. A cluttered mind lacks concentration, it struggles to recall and store effectively, it lacks productivity, it’s difficult to shut off, it suffers from lack of peace,etc. When was … More Sunnyside Up

Woman In Waiting

Does love ever get easy? All depends upon who you select as a mate. So you finally find that guy who’s consistent with dating. Things has been developing smoothly. You find yourself six months in and he hasn’t placed a title on things. Should you let him take his time? No. Time was in the … More Woman In Waiting