Just Because

In 2018 one thing to do to brighten your year is to buy a stack or box of greeting cards. Why? To brighten someone else’s day. And why would you want to do that? When we plant seeds of positivity it becomes our tree of life. When I’m passing along in my everyday life, sometimes … More Just Because

Rain Protection

(singing) “Hark the herald Angels singgggg. Glory to the new born King.” (Excuse my holiday spirit) Another wet, dull day.   No matter how many sunny days we may have, those rainy days are going to come. Those stormy days are going to come. How do we weather these days? We put on the appropriate … More Rain Protection

I’m Dreaming…

(sing) “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.” I had to post this image. It places me into that holiday mood just looking at it. I can feel the chill of the December air, all bundled up in layers of yarnery things, as we stiffly make our way up the drive to get inside. Inside it’s … More I’m Dreaming…

You Are In Charge of You

Your peace and happiness. Your reactions. Your choices. Never make someone such a PRIORITY until you forget that. To be in love is great, but allowing someone access to your control panel is like Superman touching kryptonite…knowing the consequences.