What To Do After The Break Up Pt 4


Positively, occupy your time.

Sitting around listening and having an open ear for all updates about your ex is definitely a no go.

Get up and get out.

No bar/club hopping.

Involve yourself with a cause.

Find an organization or community events to volunteer/attend.

Involving yourself in positivity not only gives you something to do and some where to be,

but it also provides an outlet to evaporate negative emotions and recharge your endorphins.

This is an opportunity to meet new people and interact. Although, interaction may be the furthest thing from your mind at this moment, you need it to boost your spirit.

Surround yourself with people who are speaking of things that matter.

This is a chance of empowerment and it beats moping around tearing up or busting and breaking things due to the raging bull.

This is a method of rebuilding…As they say “Out with the old, in with the new” (memories that is). The positive new memories will weaken those that you tend to reminisce about. Overtime, you will find their less intense the more you surround and positively involve yourself.

Spend your time doing something you love. What are your hobbies? Develop a new skill or sharpen an old one. You’ll be surprised how you can profit from your pain.

Look around your house…get to cleaning. Remember: “Out with the old, in with the new.” I’m pretty sure there are some areas in your home that needs as much attention as you’re feeding the situation.

Don’t waste your time looking for love because if it’s ready for you, it will find you.

Until the meantime, evaluate you.

Love you.

Don’t spend your days rewinding and replaying (wondering how/why).

Get to know you.

Take care of you.

But don’t whallow in self-pity.

Of course, some days you won’t be okay and that’s okay.

But there will be days you will have to tell yourself,

“Enough already” and get ready, set and moving.

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