What Are You Thankful For?


Hi. My name is Shawn Alexus. I’m a small town girl with a big heart and big dreams (that I am chasing full gear nowadays). I have ALWAYS been thankful for who I am. I never desired to change that no matter what. I am authentically me. I have always been that loyal chick who would be your friend to the end. I have always been dancing to my own rhythm…I get in where I fit in. Either you like me or you don’t. I don’t stress it because I’m not everyone’s cup of tea (and they’re not mine…lol).

I am thankful for each sunrise and each sunset. I am thankful for the realization of God opening my eyes to a new way of life. I am thankful to love me and not allow anyone to coax me out of loving me.  I am thankful to be able to learn the lesson from the mistake.

I am thankful for the resilience God has gifted me with…the strength to overcome the double standard and lack of support from others. I am thankful for the yes’s among the many no’s. There were times that I felt I was being drenched in the rain and some of the ones I held dear would have allowed me to be drenched (but that wasn’t in God’s plan). God will send you someone in your time of need. Whether they’re there only for a season or for a moment…Your faith won’t allow you to be unfulfilled. There were times I experienced a drought, but I never counted God out. I never hungered; I never thirsted.

Sometimes we think we need far more than we really need. We allow society to tell us so. We fear if we don’t have this or that, we won’t stand out. We attach our worth to materials…we attach our worth to what others think of us. I am grateful this wasn’t ever me. I am thankful for being me.

If you too are a unicorn, drop me a “Hello” or better yet yell, “I AM A UNICORN!”

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Thanks for dropping by.

Hope you and yours have a Happy Blessed Thanksgiving!


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