A Day In The Life of a Moment


Thanksgiving is tomorrow!

How will you be spending your time?

Remember: Don’t stress yourself. This is a day to be grateful (everyday we SHOULD be); not stressed.

I remember a time when I was freshly baked out the oven,

and landing a job was just so hard for me to find.

Most jobs require that you have a GED or HS diploma, so I wasn’t understanding why it was so hard for me to land a job. It was costing me to go out searching for a job (gas). Then, you wait those two weeks (or given date) and hear nothing. You question what wasn’t right on the application (did I put the right phone number, is it my location, etc.) of course, at that time they were serving me with “You don’t have enough experience.” (People are full of it. How about years later after the experience and education still the same problem!)

However, this is one moment I won’t ever forget…

On this day something went different.

I was always that well-mannered chile, sometimes too shy to have a voice. I went to this on site job fair and the hiring manager was giving us a preorientation. No applicants hadn’t been selected but this “preorientation” was just giving the applicants an idea of what the employer was like and their expectations of employees (no tour…wouldn’t that have been helpful…seeing behind the scenes). He dismissed us with that same line as most, “You should hear something in the next couple of weeks.” On that day, I wasn’t having it. So, I waited until the other applicants filed out and I said, “Excuse me, sir. Can I speak with you for a moment?” He looked at me and agreed for me to have a moment of his time.

I explained to him how I had applied for numerous of positions only to be declined on the most part of “no experience”. I asked, “How are we young people to obtain experience if someone doesn’t allow us a chance?” He looked at me and instantly replied, “You can’t; if they’re not giving you a chance.” I wasn’t expecting anything different. I just wanted to get my point over and basically vent.  I didn’t expect to be heard. Then he said, “How soon can you start?” I’m like thinking, Is he offering me the job?

To cut to the point–I got the job! So as I always tell people “Don’t allow all those no’s to discourage you because someone eventually will give you a yes”.

Just keep believing in yourself and pushing. Be consistent with those talks with God and never lose faith. Your time may not be now, but stamp it with “To be continued.”

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!

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