Deep Morning Convos

First, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! When people show you who they are–BELIEVE IT! ACKNOWLEDGE IT! Fore if you don’t, you’re only setting yourself up to endlessly chase after people. You’re setting yourself up to fall short cause you’re seeking their validation. You’re setting yourself up because you’re wasting so much time on certain people. You’re setting … More Deep Morning Convos

That’s Your Job

“You take out the trash,” you tell your mate. “No, you take it out. I’ve been working hard all day,” he responds, feet kicked up on the couch, enjoying a cold one. Boy this really boils your bubbles. Guys feel when they get home, everything should be in order or if it isn’t, not their … More That’s Your Job

What Is Marriage?

Does anyone know what marriage is? Does anyone know what marriage SHOULD be? How would you describe marriage? Correct me if I’m wrong: Marriage is so much more than guy meets girl…finding out he/she is the one…proposal…excitement planning for the BIG day and living together until death do you part. I define marriage as a … More What Is Marriage?

Love Is…

Love is wonderful, that’s what it is. Love won’t subtract from you. It won’t confuse you. Because it’s nothing negative. Love is compassion. Anything less is not love. Love won’t drive you into a pit of darkness. Love is not suffocating. Love is not controlling. Love isn’t one-sided. So how would you know if someone … More Love Is…