Disappearing Acts

Dating is a struggle. Very much so. Just when you think you have made it to first base– You strike out. This is very frustrating. It leads one to believe that they may have done something wrong or something may be wrong with them. Then they go through this makeover process (Editing themselves according to … More Disappearing Acts

Have I Blown My Chance?

Remember Monica’s song “First Night”? Allow me to recap the song: It’s the first date. She’s feeling him. She wonders if he’s feeling her the same. Although these feelings she’s feeling goes against her standards for a first date. She’s overwhelmed by the attraction, but afraid of his reaction (judgement)? Has this ever happened to … More Have I Blown My Chance?

Date Night

The day of the date is HEEEEEERRRRREEEE!! WOOOOOOOooooooooo!! You wake up all bubbly and bright… The long anticipated day has finally arrived. Smile on your face… butterflies roaming throughtout your body and then you think, “Should I call him?” Well, have you spoken to him the day before? If so, then that was the time … More Date Night

What If His Money Is Tight? (Dating Ideas)

Being mindful is the strategy when you’re seeking intentional relationships. There are women who entertain consistent callers, but haven’t secured a date. Is it fair to reject someone because they haven’t taken you on a date? (Honestly, I have.) As I stated in the last post, “He shouldn’t have applied if he wasn’t date ready.” … More What If His Money Is Tight? (Dating Ideas)

When We Disagree

“When that dark cloud hovers over (Oh yes, that day will come) let’s remember to agree to disagree.” Never argue in your relationship, but you can disagree. There’s no need to argue. What does arguing change for the better? Arguments create resentment. Regrets are spoken in the heat of the moment that can’t be retracted. … More When We Disagree