Love is nothing but an illusion. . .when you’re dealing with someone delusional. Someone who doesn’t respect you but wants to control you. Their love for you is the control they have over you. They love the POWER they have over you. Your permission is the connection of ownership. Permission? Yes, you grant that person … More LOVE IS…

The Ex Factor

“I keep letting you back in. How can I explain myself?” -Lauryn Hill, Ex Factor How many of you are familiar with the ins and outs of a breakup? Broken up today, back together next week . . . booty calls . . . holding you with words . . . saying you hate him … More The Ex Factor


Have you ever had someone who underhandedly tried to persuade you to pull the trigger? Have you ever been fed the lines below: “I can see that you’re unhappy so why don’t you just be happy.” “You’re a good woman/man . . . I know I’m messing up. I’ll understand if you leave.” I’m just … More PULL THE TRIGGER !


“He loves me. He loves me not.” “We may break up, but I know I have his heart because we always find ourselves back together .” Heard any of the above? If you have to wonder if someone loves you, then the answer is obvious. If they say one thing yet do another–the answer is … More POWER

It’s Not Love

One day I was in the salon. The latest topics were floating through the air, then from an adjacent booth I heard a voice say, “He always come back to me. No woman has his heart . . . I know who has that (she pats her chest in reference to herself as proud as … More It’s Not Love